Mobile Academy For Teachers 

WhyBlueSky founders will visit schools in Lagos.

Schedule the meeting with us in your school and get familiar with the WhyBlueSky program. 

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29th Nov-

9th Dec


Mobile Academy For Teachers is a mobile platform for 

continuous teachers education.

accessible by personal phone connected to the internet

teachers learn by doing

teachers develop the 21st century skills of their students

one stop shop: training, lessons and resources in one place

 can be access by everyone, anytime and everywhere. Teachers can learn how to use the global teaching strategies right now.

A mobile application with training

kindle childrens' interest for learning.

Detailed step-by-step instructions teachers use  as the scripts for their classes.

Lessons reflect students' curiosity and incorporate the most recent learning strategies. 

WhyBlueSky Activity-Based Lessons

The resource boxes with training and teaching aids

make study effective and lessons engaging.

The props, materials and tools which a teacher use during the training and learning aids for students which help them to learn by doing.

What teachers say

It was amazing. The children were excited. The children were fully involved and a lot was achieved within space of time.

Students really had fun. I wanted to know their level of creativity and I was amazed by their initiatives and cooperation.

Our partners


The expectations people have of schools are getting higher and higher. Education becomes very competitive market.

Your school can be its successful leader.

Thanks to the WBS training and tools your school will introduce students to the 21st century world,  and will become a role-model in education.

Agata Wilam

 the co-founder of WhyBlueSky. 

She set up Children's University which has been kindling children’s passion for learning for last 10 years. 

Aga Guzik 

the co-founder of WhyBlueSky. 

She teaches teachers and creates the educational programs that unlock the children’s and teachers’ full potential.

Meet our team

Invite us to your school and get familiar with the program. 

→ presentation for the management team in order to present the WhyBlueSky tools

29th Nov-9 Dec

If you want to implement Mobile Academy For Teachers to your school, and you would like to meet us in person,  

schedule a meeting with:

→ a presentation for the management and, in addition, a workshop for teachers conducted by the WhyBlueSky team


If you need more information please contact us: Ola Gleń  WhatsApp +48 533 575 294, mail

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