Let's transform schools into launchpads for children's talents!

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.


                              Nelson Mandela

The problem is that schools are ineffective. 

50% of students feel discouraged from learning at school.

Students retain only 20% of what they learned the week before.

They do not develop the skills which are needed to get a good job and live a successful life.

In schools almost everything depends on teachers.

This is why we provide schools with an online teacher training and teaching tools which ensure that: 

          students are motivated and engaged


          teaching strategies are effective

          students develop competencies that are essential for successful life.


What WhyBlueSky does

activity-based lessons

all your resources in a box

online experts

learning-by-doing courses for teachers

and also

The learning-by-doing courses - teachers gain skills by practicing what they learn.

This is an online, self-study training program which teachers can download onto their personal mobile phones and then study using activity-based strategies.

Teachers are given simple and clear instructions for variety of tasks, which they complete individually, or in a team of teachers. 

A yearly training program - 9 courses

Program and classroom management

Activity-Based Learning

Classroom Management





21st century competences

Critical Thinking




The activity-based lessons put teachers' knowledge into practice.

A WhyBlueSky Lesson is a detailed step-by-step description of the lesson, which teacher can use (online or downloaded onto mobile) as a script for his or her classes.

Lessons reflect students' curiosity and incorporate activity-based learning strategies. During the lesson, students mostly take part in team activities (experiments, role play, games) and learn by doing instead of passively absorbing information.

100 ready-to-use lessons

created by experts

activity-based learning

instructions, videos, information

experiments, role-play, games, puzzles

EFFECTIVE and ENGAGING for children

The resource boxes with training and teaching aids make self-study extremely effective.

These are boxes with training and teaching aids that contain the items, materials and tools which a teacher can use to perform tasks in the training course.

These include materials for students to use during the lessons that conclude the individual courses.

You can conduct the course  without a box but it is much easier with one.

Online expert support doubles the effectiveness of teacher learning.

We provide additional methodical supervision and expert advisory help.

All participants can ask questions about the course material. An expert is available online at designated times to answer those questions.

methodical supervision

answers to teachers’ questions

expert advisory help

What teachers and students say

"The whole lesson just reminded us that we could be anything we want to be".

"I'm Isaac from a rural school in Nigeria and this project is opening a new way of teaching especially in rural schools"


The expectations people have of schools are getting higher and higher. Parents want their children to become skillful and happy doctors, lawyers and engineers in the future. Employers are looking for people who think critically, are creative and entrepreneurial. 

Your school can fulfill these expectations.

With the WBS training and tools:

teachers acquire knowledge on the best teaching strategies, 

your school introduces students to the 21st century world, 

and becomes a role-model in education.

Agata Wilam 

Accomplished entrepreneur and "Spiritus Movens". Prior to WhyBlueSky she set up Children's University where over 600 000 children (so far), their parents and teachers have been kindling the passion for learning.

Aga Guzik

Expert in innovative learning, experienced in "teaching teachers". She creates educational programs that unlock the children’s and teachers’ full potential.

Meet our team

Ewa Golik

Carrier coach and soft skills trainer. She helps people discover their individual strengths and to turn them into "competitive advantage".

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